We often get asked how we determine the standards of your Mystery Shopping Reports. Below are the criteria we used in determining whether your report is Excellent, Good, Satisfactory or Poor:


Satisfactory: reports are suitable for publication without return and following acceptable amendment.

Good: reports are suitable for publication with little amendment.

Excellent: reports require almost no amendment and reporting goes well beyond that expected.

Poor: reports are unsuitable for publication requiring return/unacceptable amendment.

Volume of written text

‘Satisfactory’ requires (mandatory):

  • Three to four relevant sentences in required comment boxes.
  • Word counts met without duplication of comments.
  • Comments in all required comment boxes.

Quality of written text

‘Satisfactory’ requires: shoppers to tell a coherent story of their experience. They should include what happened, how they were treated as a customer and how they felt about this, what went well and what could have been better. Comments should enable clients to recognise best practice or improve on their performance.

  • Comments state clearly, and in sufficient detail, what the shopper thought and felt about their experience.
  • Comments contain positives, as well as what could be improved.
  • Comments are concise, organised, to the point, and make sense.
  • Comments build on the ‘yes/no’ indicators and do not repeat them.
  • Comments are not likely to cause offence.
  • Comments/phrases/words are not repeated needlessly in more than one comment box.
  • Comments clarify any ambiguity in the ‘yes/no’ indicators for a particular question(s).

Grammar and spelling

‘Satisfactory’ requires:

  • Mostly correct use of punctuation (capital letters; full stops; commas).
  • Mostly consistent tense use (past/present).
  • Mostly correct spelling.
  • Mostly clear and coherent sentences.  

Accuracy and consistency

  • ‘Yes/no’ indicators are marked accurately, and consistent across sections.
  • Comments match the ‘yes/no’ indicators.
  • Comments are accurate against recorded telephone enquiries, email responses and video footage.
  • Comments are not contradictory across sections.
  • Comments are recorded in the correct section/comment box.
  • N/A boxes are not ticked when clear evidence is available for comment. 
  • Staff names are recorded and used/spelt consistently throughout.
  • Dates and times are recorded accurately.
  • Overall scores match the ‘yes/no’ indicators as well as comments made.
  • Staff descriptions comply with guidance.
  • Instructions have been followed.

Your scoring shows as a % on your account, you can see this by going into 'my settings' on your home page. The higher your % the better our experience has been with you as our Mystery Shopper.