Once you have successfully downloaded the 'Proinsight' app from the play store or app store, you will be able to log in to the app using your client login details. 

Once you have logged in, you will see a variety of options, this explains what they mean:

1. Filter - This will allow you to filter your audits as you may have a large number in your inbox. You can filter by location name, region, area etc. and can choose to display as many or as few as you would like.

2. 'My Stuff' - This gives you an update on the current status of the audits in your inbox, stating how many are 'completed' and ready to submit and how many in total are currently in there.

3. Survey Mode - This is the layout of your audits; you can arrange it by question, section or 'full survey'. It is entirely up to you and is down to preference how you choose to view your audits but automatically sets to 'Question'.

4. Automatic Synchronisation - This feature lets you decide how and when you would like to synchronise your audits with the online platform. When your audits 'synchronise' it means that the answers you have filled in so far are updated on the master system. If you choose 'On,' your audits will synchronise over mobile data and wi-fi, if you choose 'Off,' they will not synchronise, and if you choose 'Wifi-Only,' they will only synchronise over Wifi, which may be useful if you do not have much mobile data to spare.

5. Auto-Alert Nearby Opportunities - This feature should be turned off as it is a mystery shopping feature.