In order to complete audits you will need to:

1. Refresh your inbox so that your inbox is up to date and displaying the latest audits. Do this by dragging down on the screen and then releasing or simply by clicking non the sync button at the top right (the 2 curvey arrows in clockwise direction). The audits should then download into your inbox.

2. Next, click into the audit that you wish to complete. You will then be able to start completing the audit questions.

3. You can use the Jump tool (top right hand side) of screen to navigate quickly to errors that occurred when submitting your audit. Any errors are highlighted with a red line on the left hand side.

5. Once all questions have been completed, please scroll to the last question and click on Done. This should bring you back to the Home screen.

6. You should see a big SUBMIT button. Click submit.

In order to view the results, you will have to logon to the platform