As a mystery shopper, you would be considered self employed and therefore would be responsible for doing your own tax return with the HMRC. Proinsight keeps a record of all your pay statements for all jobs done in the tax year. In order to find out how to access them, please do the following:

1. Login to Proinsight and click on My Settings, Pay History


2. It should bring you to all the jobs that you have currently completed as well as the Pay statements of all jobs done previously. If you have completed jobs recently, they will all be shown at the top. Scroll to the bottom and you should see something similar:

3. There are 4 different options to view your statement - pdf, html, Excel and tiff

4. Clicking on anyone of them will download the pay statement for that period.

5. Scroll to the bottom and you will see the total amount earned for that month. You can then add up the total amount earned every month for that tax year.