'Open Opportunities' is the tool you use to find mystery shops that are available in a certain area.

In 'Open Opportunities,' you can learn about the mystery shops that are available and apply for any that interest you.

'Open Opportunities' can be accessed by clicking on the 'Open Opportunities' tab in the top left corner of the home screen. 

Once you click on this tab it will take you through to the following screen. The information on this screen is described in the screenshot below. Please see the relevant numbers for more information on each area:

1. This number illustrates how many open opportunities are available in your designated area vs. how many open opportunities are available in total. In order to view all of the available opportunities, even those outside your designated travel area, simply click on the orange text box which states 'Click here to reset and show all opportunities.'

2. Your postcode is automatically entered based on the postcode you entered in 'My Settings.' If you wish to change your postcode you can simply go to 'My Settings' and update it. This will be the centre of your search radius.

3. This number illustrates how far you are willing to travel for mystery shops. If, for example, you entered 21km, 'Open Opportunities' would display all of the open opportunities within 21km of your postcode. You can change this by simply typing in the new distance and clicking 'Update Filter'.

4. The 'Start Date' and 'Due by Date' give you information on when the mystery shop needs to be completed. The 'Start Date' is when you can first start the mystery shop and the 'Due by Date' is the date that your mystery shop needs to be submitted by. Failure to submit by this date may result in non-payment!

5. The '+' symbol below the 'Pay Rate' means that this mystery shop carries extra reimbursements on top of the pay. For example, this could be the cost of a meal or an activity. The 'Pay Rate' is simply how much you will be paid for the mystery shop.

6. Click the 'Apply' button to apply for a mystery shop you are interested in. Your application will then be reviewed by one of our team and you will receive a response when our member of staff has decided on a mystery shopper. Our team members often make their decisions based on the quality of a mystery shopper's past shops so completing shops well and on time will make you more likely to have your applications accepted! Not all applications will be successful.