WATCH AND LEARN - How To Apply For Mystery Shopping Assignments

The 'Assignment Boards' are where all of Proinsight's mystery shopping opportunities are located.

You are able to use many different filters in order to find the perfect assignment for you. In the event that you would rather work from home and not do a visit, then just head to the 'Web and Phone Assignments' tab.

When you find one that is right, click on 'View Assignment'. This will provide you with a detailed set of instructions that you will need to follow in order to complete the assignment.

When you have found the assignment that you would like to undertake, on the right-hand side you will be required to fill in the date that you would like to do it on, followed by a comment box. Make sure you fill this out with enough information to help the Programme Coordinators decide that you are the one for the job. Then click 'Submit'.

Please beware that this does not guarantee that you have been awarded the assignment, you will need to wait for confirmation from Proinsight. To view the status of your applications, head to the 'My Applications' tab on the left.

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You can also view other more top tips, FAQs and how-to guides in our Shopper Academy.

Log in to your Open Opportunities page here to view available mystery shop assignments near you.

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