This report is called 'Rank By Locations With Time'.

This report provides a simple location league table based on mystery shop scores over time. This is the most basic report if you simply want to see which locations have received which score. The reporting system will automatically order the results into high to low order.

The screenshot below explains what the different sections within the report mean:

1. This shows the total score for all sampled mystery shops at that location. For example, in the above screenshot, Manchester has scored 95.83% across all of the sampled mystery shops.

2. CNT shows us how many mystery shops are included in the sample for that location. For example, the information for Manchester in the above screenshot is based on 3 mystery shops.

3. This illustrates the mystery shop scores for that campaign. For example, Manchester scored 87.5% in the 2016-04 campaign. Campaigns typically run for a month but can be longer or shorter depending on your requirements.

4. This illustrates the overall mystery shop percentage across all the sampled locations. For example, across all the mystery shops completed at the locations in the sample, the company scored 85.39% overall.

5. This illustrates the overall score for all the mystery shops at the sampled locations over each campaign. In the above screenshot, the company scored 90.67% across the 2016-04 campaign.

More information on how to filter reports can be found in the article: How can I filter my reports?