ARTICLE - What Do I Do If I Am Not Paid for a Mystery Shop that I have Completed?

First, make sure you have read the Proinsight Pay PolicThis will help you configure whether or not you need to raise a pay query.

All assignments completed within the previous month and have been labelled OK to Pay will appear on your pay statement that is sent to you on the 1st of every month. Even though this is sent to you on the 1st of the month, Proinsight payday is on the 15th of every month. Therefore please do not contact us if you have not received any payment from us before the 15th. If you have still not been paid after this date then please follow the steps below.

1. Make sure your bank details are correct - See How.

2. Check that the shops you have completed have the status 'Pay Approved', like so.

When you have ensured that neither of the above issues are the root of the cause, then please raise a pay query with us. This will all need to be done in writing, by emailing in to

Within the email please make sure you include the following information:

- The Client Name

- The Location Name

- The date of the shop.

- The amount that you have not been paid.

This will allow us to quickly look into the query and confirm when you will receive the payment. 

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