Shopper Client Referral Scheme

Calling all Mystery Shoppers! Do you know someone that works for a company that needs mystery shopping? Or, perhaps you work for a business that would benefit from mystery shopping insights, or already has mystery shopping but the programme needs some 'Proinsight love'. 

As a Mystery Shopper with Proinsight, you benefit from the perks of our Shopper Client Referral Scheme in which you could earn up to £500 for referring a new client to us.

All you need to do is call us on 0203 0954954 (opt. 3) or email

We'll need to know the name of the company, the contact name, number and email address of the person you know and the position they are in the company. You will need to have permission from the person you are referring, please do not just say "Proinsight should mystery shop XX client" (top secret - we'd love to partner with them all!).

Our Accounts Team will work very hard to partner with the referred contact, if we're successful in setting up a partnership then you'll earn! For a client programme that is under £2,000 then you'll earn £100, anything between £2,000 to £10,000 we'll give you £300 and if the value of the programme exceeds £10,000  you'll be given £500!

A few t's and c's we need to mention:

- The client you've referred must not already be a prospect, client or ex-client of ours.
- The client must sign an agreement with us at a minimum value of £500.
- Add on's and renewals of the client's programme after the first agreement will not be added to your amount and/or paid out.
- You will be paid your amount no less than 30 days after the agreement has been signed.
- Proinsight reserve the right to not pay the amount due if you have been fraudulent with your referral or are a 'blacklisted' shopper.

Check out the details below:

Have you read the ARTICLE - How to Become a Platinum Shopper.
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You can also view other more top tips, FAQs and how-to guides in our Shopper Academy.

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If, after viewing the Shopper Academy you still need support please contact your Regional Programme Coordinator at or call 0203 0954954. We'd also love to know if this article was helpful or could do with some work so please do use the thumbs up/down buttons below!

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