Proinsight Shopper Academy - STARS Grading Support - Attachment Quality

Our Shopper STARS Grading is used with all mystery shop surveys that you submit. Your survey, once submitted, will be validated by one of our amazing Quality Controllers before publishing your insights to our client. 

To help support you along the way, or indeed tell you what a fantastic job you've done, we will give you a STARS grade made up of 5 elements - just like Uber, Trip Advisor, or Airbnb. 

You'll be scored 0% (needs more work), 50% (meets standard), or 100% (good or better) for each element which will then make up an overall % score for this particular survey. All of your survey scores make up your total average score % score that can be seen on your home screen in your portal. 

You'll be able to see your score and some supportive personalised comments from our Quality Controller in your STARS Grading Email that you'll receive once the client has your survey. You'll also be able to see your average grade in this survey, too. 

0-20% is 1 star, 21-40% is 2 star, 41-60% is 3 star, 61-80% is 4 star and, (you've got it) 81-100% is 5 star! These short videos will give you some tips and tricks created by our Quality Control team on how to get 100% each time on your STARS grading. 

You can also view other top tips, FAQs, and how-to guides in our Shopper Academy.

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