WATCH AND LEARN - How to use the LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro

The LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro Bundle is one of the many amazing products that you can get at our Proinsight Store right now! We’re working with our friends over at LawMate UK to be able to bring you the best-in-class PV-500 Neo Pro kit. Whilst the most expensive of the group this is most certainly worth the money! Members of the Police and Armed Forces use this kit. Get in touch with Proinsight to get our Pro Shoppers’ discount code for 20% off. You’ll need to be a registered mystery shopper to receive this code.
The PV-500 Neo Pro recorder is fitted with a 3” touch-screen allowing the user to either control the unit manually or via the LawMate Wi-Fi application. Using the supplied 2200mAh battery you will get 3+hours of operation. Provided with the kit is also a BU18HD Neo Button Camera with a much simpler cable design compared to earlier models. Providing excellent low-light capability down to 0.03 Lux, this 1100 TV line camera captures exceptional video and audio. 

The following video shows what you will receive when you order this bundle.

Watch the video below to see Jack, our Project Manager, setting up and using the PV-500 Neo Pro.

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