WATCH AND LEARN - How to Use Covert Camera Smart Watch (Video) 

This is the best entry-level watch from the range of watches we sell. It certainly gets the job done (we’ve used it in and around London over 50 times!). This covert camera smartwatch records in 10-minute clips so you’ll need to stitch together your videos once you’ve imported them to your laptop/computer before attaching them to your survey. This watch comes with a 16GB SD card so you can get started right away (after practicing of course!).
Please see below for the steps on how to use the Convert Camera Watch:

Step 1: Before you start using the convert camera watch, you should ensure that you charge it using the wire provided in the box.

Step 2: To turn on the camera watch, press the button, then the watch should vibrate once, which will mean that it is on. 

Step 3: To enable the recording, press and hold the same button then the camera watch should vibrate three times meaning that the recording has started. Now, you can put the watch on.

Step 4: To stop the recording and to turn off the camera watch, press and hold the same button for five seconds until a red flashing light appear. This mean the recording has now stopped.

Step 5: To download the video from the convert camera watch, use the same wire that you previously used to charge it to upload the video to your computer. Good Luck!

Watch the videos below to see Antonio, our Operations Manager, showing what you will receive when you order this as well as some test footage from the product!

1. Covert Camera Smart Watch (Video) Footage.mp4

2. How to Use Covert Camera Smart Watch (Video).mov

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