This article is a basic introduction to the client portal which will explain what each of the tabs means and how the portal can be used.

1. Home Page

The home page gives you an overview of your latest wave of mystery shops and charts certain aspects of this wave.

The tabs at the top of the home page can be used to navigate around the client portal and will take you to the different sections within it.

The dial on the right-hand side of the home page lets you know how you did in the last wave of mystery shops. It can be altered by changing the campaign to a different wave. The colour coding can be customised depending on what you want to set as a pass rate for your mystery shop scores.

Further down the home page you will begin to see some of the charts which give an overview of your results.

The 'Section Summary' illustrates how your mystery shops have scored in each section. 

The 'Overall Score by Campaign' shows the progress that has been made as the mystery shops have been completed over time. This is an easy way of charting whether or not there has been an improvement in your mystery shopping score.

The 'Last 20 Results' reel gives an overview of the individual scores for the last 20 mystery shop results and is a quick way of jumping to that mystery shop. This can be done by clicking on the blue mystery shop title i.e. 'Sales Mystery Shop'.

The last thing you will see on the home page is the 'Business Units' chart. This shows how your different business units have performed. This can be customised as well and you can choose any business units i.e. region, manager, area etc.

2. Mystery Shop Explorer

The next tab is the 'Mystery Shop Explorer' tab. This is a library of all your past mystery shop results and is where you can go if you want to quickly and easily download an old report. As illustrated above, simply choose your filters and download the mystery shop report that you are looking for. This can be done by clicking on the blue mystery shop title, i.e. 'Sales Mystery Shop'. Please see the bottom of the article for more information on how to filter mystery shops.

3. Media Explorer

This is where you can download and view any media that is included in your mystery shops. You can use the filters to define which type of media you would like to view depending on what you're looking for. You can view videos, photos, audio attachments and any documents from this page.

Again, please see the bottom of this article for more information on how to filter reports.

4. Reports Portal

This is the section of the portal where you can run reports on the mystery shops that have been completed. In order to run reports, all you need to do is fill out the filters and then download the report you would like to run. We recommend downloading in 'XLSX' as 'PDFs' are occasionally formatted poorly for certain reports.

The most popular reports are:

Rank by Locations with Time - This is a league table type report for your locations

Rank by Locations with Sections (all levels) - This is a league table which ranks the performance of your locations across the sections of the mystery shop. This can be useful for targeting which areas are performing well and which may need to improve across your sample.

Survey Scores across Locations - This breaks the results down even further to a question by question level and shows how each location has performed with each question.

For a more in-depth analysis please see the Introduction to Reporting and the individual report articles.

5. Customisable Reporting

This is the area of the platform where you can really drill down into data to find out more unique information about your reports.

For example, you could run a report on how mystery shop scores change depending on the time of the mystery shop. This may be useful for instances where you want to understand when performance improves or declines.

6. Aggregate Excellence Report

The 'Aggregate Excellence Report' section allows you to download a more in-depth report for certain 'Business Units' and locations. This report just gives slightly more detailed information about the mystery shops across a region or location.

For more information about this report please see the article on the 'Aggregate Excellence Report'.

7. Client Dashboard

The 'Client Dashboard' is very useful for seeing an overview of your mystery shops and for viewing snapshots of reports. The dashboard is the go to place for viewing a brief and easy breakdown of your mystery shop data in a number of pre-prepared charts.

8. Geo-spatial Analysis Portal

This is where you can view how different regions are performing and provides a visual indicator for where stores are performing well and where they may need to improve. These areas are defined by your 'Business Units' and will normally an area's performance.

9. Net Promoter

This section of the client portal explains what your 'NPS score' is. An 'NPS score' is a score of -100 to 100 which illustrates how likely a mystery shopper is to recommend your stores to a friend, family member or colleague. It is calculated by a score of 0-10 with scores of 9-10 being 'promoters,' 7-8 being 'neutral' and 0-6 being 'detractors'. The 'NPS score' section will also provide examples of which questions are big promoters and which are detractors.


For more information on each of these sections please see the individual articles on each of them.

Please follow this link for more information on how to use the filters: How to Filter