A number of our mystery shops require the mystery shopper to record an anonymous call to the location. The call recording software within our survey forms allows our mystery shoppers to do this easily and conveniently.

Here's how to use it:


1. Change your phone number to an international calling code or the software will not recognise the number. This can be done by navigating to 'My Settings' --> 'Edit Profile'

You can then edit your phone number(s).

2. You should then navigate to the survey form that requires a call attachment. Survey forms that are assigned to you are located in your 'Inbox' on your homepage. 

The call software will be built into the survey at the top of the form.

3. Select the number that you wish to complete the call from. These are the numbers that you entered into your 'Profile' in 'My Settings.'

4. Click 'Call Now.' An anonymous number should then ring your phone. Answer this call.

5. A recorded voice will prompt you to enter your '4 digit pin.' Enter the number that appears in the 'Code' box.

6. Complete the call. As soon as you hang up the software will automatically save the call and it will begin uploading to the survey form. This can take a few minutes, so don't worry if it doesn't appear immediately! Once it has uploaded, it will be visible at the bottom of the survey form.