If you are going on a holiday within the UK or out on a business trip and would like to carry out some mystery shopping for us, please let us know! 

We put all mystery shops online approximately on the 28th of every month to be shopped the next month. Rather than just applying for a shop online, call us at 0845 468 0430 and let us know where you will be heading. 

The Programme Co-ordinator in charge of that region will be able to tell you what we have in store for the next month and would be able to allocate it to you directly.

Here are some helpful tips if you are doing a mystery shop away from where you live:

1. A majority of our mystery shops require contact details to be given. This is especially so if the visit is a Leisure Centre. Remember to look up an address that is near the area you will be mystery shopping to make your visit more genuine. It would be a giveaway to have a Manchester address if you are mystery shopping a gym in London!

2. Some of our mystery shops require the shopper to return to the location again (for example member journeys or even a visit that requires a refund). If you are only travelling there for a short period or may not be able to do a return visit for whatever reasons, do not accept the mystery shop. We are unable to pay you if you cannot complete the entire mystery shop. Always read the brief and the questionnaire and if in doubt call your friendly Progamme Co-ordinator!