Our Programme Co-ordinators deal with thousands of mystery shop applications every month. Unless we know a shopper well, your application sits amongst the huge number of other applications we get for the same mystery shop. This article discuss how you can increase your chance of getting a mystery shop that you have applied for.

When applying for mystery shops, you will usually see a box that pops up asking for a brief note to support your application (see below):

If you are new to Proinsight, typing in 'I can do this shop' does not help us decide you would be the best person for it. Instead, let us know that you have read the brief, perhaps by summarising what you need to do for the shop and of course letting us know your planned date.

Use this box for special requests too. For e.g. if you are able to do the shop only if you are being allocated another shop that is near by, please let us know as that would help us in our allocation. Likewise, if you would like a phone call from the Programme Co-ordinator before you start the shop, type it in here. We are more than happy to give you a call to ensure you understand every aspect of the mystery shop.