Our Platinum Shoppers are our most trusted shoppers. You're given the ability to 'self-assign' shops to yourself when they become available online, stripping out the time between applying for an assignment and having your application accepted.

To become and remain a Platinum Shopper, you must: 

  • Have completed 10 assignments or more 
  • Have a Shopper Grading of over 60% 
  • Have had no previous 'invalid shops' (this can be shopper errors, client appeals, quality errors)
  • Have completed at least 1 assignment in the last 3 months 
To maintain your Platinum Shopper status, you must: 
  • Meet all of the above criteria 
  • Set 'planned dates' on your account for your assignments 
  • Never allow your assignments to go 'overdue' 
 When being made a Platinum Shopper you'll be given access to a short 'pre-platinum' test to mark your eligibility. Once this is completed at 100% you'll be all set to go! 

Our Programme Co-ordinator team will allocate and remove Platinum Shopper status on a monthly basis. To remain as one, please check the criteria above.